Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Free Fido

Fido currently resides in the traffic circle in the Duke Park neighborhood. He arrived almost a week ago. Fido's owner says he is calling attention to the effort to ban the practice of chaining dogs in Durham county.

Fido's chains will be cut when 50 Duke Park residents have called or emailed the County Commissioners urging them to support a ban on chaining dogs in Durham County. As of this morning, 12 residents have done so.

Almost 25% of the way there.

8/31 UPDATE: Nineteen contacts to the Commissioners, 31 more to go. Just under 40%.

9/1 UPDATE: Twenty eight contacts to the Commissioners, 22 more to go. We're at 56%. Does anyone know how to make one of those thermometer thingies?

9/3 UPDATE: 34 Duke Park residents have now contacted the Commissioners, urging a ban on the practice of chaining dogs in Durham County. Over 2/3 of the way to freeing Fido

9/5 UPDATE: Forty two messages sent to the County Commissioners. 8 more to go. Over 80% of the way there.


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